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 Water Mills & Riverside Property in Central Portugal
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  Water Mills and Riverside Property for Sale in Central Portugal  
Small quinta suitable for permaculture GMI012/618: Quintinha do Marvão
Price: 7.250€
Property Type: Land with xisto barn
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Corterrador– Vale da Balança
House area: 15m2
Land: 19.500m2
Bedrooms: N/A
GMI011/ 543: Moinhos da Ribeira
Price: 10.500€
Property Type: Ruined water-mills with land
Nearest Town: Arganil
Location: Nogueira - Ribeira
House area:
Land: 4.600m2
GMI012/654: Terreno Vista dos Penedos
Price: 12.100€
Property Type: Land plot by a stream
Nearest Town: Vila Nova do Ceira, Góis
Location: Monteira
House area: N/A
Land: 2180m2
Bedrooms: N/A
Xisto cottage GMI012/617: Quintinha Frente da Casa
Price: 14.000€
Property Type: Xisto cottage with land for cultivation
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Corterrador
House area: 25m2
Land: 2.820m2
Stone cottage opposite a waterfall GMI012/ 616: Quintinha Ribeira das Mestras
Price: 14.400€
Property Type: Land with xisto barn
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Corterrador
House area: 24m2
Land: 15.300m2
Bedrooms: N/A
GMI013/770: Quinta do Outeiro do Moinho
Price: 18.500€
Property Type: Quinta
Nearest Town: Vila Cova do Alva
Location: Arganil
House area: 18m2
Land: 40.000m2
Bedrooms: N/A
GMI012/653: Terreno de Morangos B
Price: 20.200€
Property Type: Land plot with barn
Nearest Town: Vila Nova do Ceira, Góis
Location: Monteira
House area: 10m2
Land: 3835m2
Bedrooms: N/A
Quinta with ruin and stream GMI012/605: Quinta dos Marmeleiros
Price: 28.500€
Property Type: Quinta with ruin and stream
Nearest Town: Oliveira do Hospital
Location: Lagares da Beira
House area: 50m2
Land: 7.100m2
Bedrooms: N/A
GMI012/700: Quinta da Portalinha
Price: 29.500€
Property Type: Quinta with xisto building for restoration and all-year stream
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Malhada/Portelhina
House area: 30m2
Land: 47.440m2
Bedrooms: N/A
A xisto cottage for restoration with riverside land GMI010/394: Quinta da Cavada
Price: 29.500€
Property Type: A xisto cottage for restoration with riverside land
Nearest Town: Góis, Lousã
Location: Ribeira Cimeira, Esporão
House area: 25m2
Land: 3.2ha
Bedrooms: N/A
GMI013/735: Quinta do Prio Mendes
Price: 32.000€
 Property Type: Riverside land with ruin
Nearest Town: Góis, Arganil
Location: Sobral, Colmeal
House area:  12m2
Land: 12.600m2
Bedrooms: N/A
GMI012/672: Quinta de Capelo
Price: 32.000€ Reduced
Property Type: Quinta with xisto storehouse and stable
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Capelo
House area: 30m2 + 20m2
Land: 9.600m2
GMI012/248: Moinho do Alva
Price: 35.000€
Property Type: Watermill for restoration and land
Nearest Town: Arganil
Location: Secarias
House area: 60m2
Land: 8000m2
Partially-restored xisto house GMI010/443: Casa Ribeira da Mata
Price: 47.500€
Property Type: Partially-restored xisto house
Nearest Town: Côja
Location: Dreia
House area: 150m2
Land: 1.000 m2
Bedrooms: 1
GMI013/748: Quintinha do Amioso
Price: 55.000€
Property Type: House for restoration with land
Nearest Town: Alvares, Pedrogão Grande
Location: Amioso
House area: 56m2
Land: 5864m2
Bedrooms: N/A
GMI012/675: Pensão - Café Beira Alva
Price: 60.000€
Property Type: Guesthouse with café/ restaurant for renovation
Nearest Town: Arganil
Location: Ponte de Mucela
House area: 212m2
Land: N/A
Bedrooms: 8
GMI012/670: Moradia das Mestras
Price: 86.000
Property Type: House with land
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Mestras
House area: 203m2
Land: 6200m2
Bedrooms: 4
House with commercial space GMI09/264: Casa Rua António Rocha Barros
Price: 100.000€
Property Type: House with commercial space
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Góis
House area: 180m2
Land: 42,7m2
Bedrooms: 4
GMI011/541: Quinta Vila do Mato
Price: 115.000€
Property Type: Quinta with partially-restored house
Nearest Town: Tábua
Location: Vila do Mato
House area: 122m2
Land: 10.190m2
Bedrooms: 2
GMI09/155B: Casa Geminada
Price: 150.000€
Property type: Mid-terrace house
Nearest town: Lousã
Location: Relvios, Foz de Arouce
House area: 226m2
Land: 400m2
Bedrooms: 3
GMI09/169: Quinta São António
Price: 150.000€
Property type: Quinta and garden
Nearest town: Arganil
Location: Mourão
House area: 410m2
Land: 1400m2
Bedrooms: 5
GMI09/155A: Casa Geminada
Price: 165.000€
Property type: End of terrace house
Nearest town: Lousã
Location: Relvios, Foz de Arouce
House area: 226m2
Land: 400m2
Bedrooms: 3
GMI09/237: Casa Cortez
Price: 170.000€ Reduced
Property Type: Rural tourism/Guesthouse/B&B
Nearest Town: Lousã
Location: Serpins
House area: 302m2
Land: 200m2
Bedrooms: 5
GMI012/671: Quinta de Mortágua
Price: 185.000€ Reduced
Property Type: Former poultry-farm with chalet and lake
Nearest Town: Mortágua
Location: Vale Derradeiro
House area: 60m2 + 2.114m2
Land: 46.150m2
Bedrooms: 2
GMI012/712: Quinta de Baralha
Price: 249.500€
Property Type: Xisto house with annex and swimming-pool
Nearest Town: Arganil
Location: Dreia
House area: 128m2 + 100m2
Land: 7600m2
Bedrooms: 4
GMI013/766: Casa Cor da Roza
Price: 395.000€
Property Type: Villa with swimming pool, tennis court and vineyard
Nearest Town: Góis
Location: Caracol, Vila Nova do Ceira
House area: 612m2
Land: 2180m2
Bedrooms: 7
secluded quinta, riverside, horses, trout fishing, building land, large quinta for sale, GMI09/366: Quinta do Vale da Raiz
Price: 500.000€
Property Type: Quinta/rural tourism/horses/river beach
Nearest Town: Góis, Lousã
Location: Serpins
House area: 366,50m2
Land: 39.723m2
Bedrooms: N/A


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